Lyra is a high-content female wolf-dog born in the spring of 2018. She came to us as a rescue in October of 2022. As a black-phase wolf-dog—much like some black wolves in the wild—she was born jet black and continues to “phase” to a lighter color over time. Lyra is a mixture of three subspecies of wolves: Arctic, British Columbian, and Alaskan Tundra. While she is still aloof with crowds, she is still curious. She occasionally gives our guests kisses and is getting more affectionate as time goes on.

Lyra gets along with a majority of our animals and is extremely social. She loves running and playing with her pen-mate, Jack, and during play dates with some of the other animals, including Katara, Raven, and Oberon. She is a wonderful addition to the HWF family, and we love watching this sweet lady come out of her shell more and more every day.


More Photos of Lyra