Kotori’s name in Hopi means “Screech Owl Spirit”. He is indeed spirited, though I’m not sure it is a screech owl. If we ever find a native American name for “One Who Makes Trouble” or “Likes Ear Rings” or “Stop That Right Now”, we may consider changing his name.

Although Kotori is quite mischievous, it is always in a loving, ambitious, “Look At Me, Here I Am” way (that is, unless it’s your earring he’s trying to remove). He loves being the center of attention, and will do just about anything to gain that attention, that is until Bandit and Sierra usher him away. If he goes too far and someone gets mad at him, he falls on his back and pleads for mercy.

Kotori was born April 2009 and weighs about 80 lbs.

Kotori lives with Ahote, Takoda, Sierra, Koda, Samson and Bandit at our farm in Jackson, New Jersey. He has two large secure one-acre enclosures with lots of room to run and things to play with. He loves company, both human and canine, and always welcome visitors, though somewhat overwhelmingly. Sometimes he sleeps inside our house.

H is diet consists mostly of raw foods, including poultry, venison, beef, pork, kibble and eggs.