It is with a saddened heart that we have to announce the passing of our beloved Kotori, recently losing him to cancer. He departed peacefully in the company of those who loved him. His value was more than just his companionship to his pen mates and the love he had for his handlers; it was his contributions to our mission of helping people understand that wolves are not inherently dangerous. His incredible spirit and typical wolf-dog demeanor touched everyone’s hearts.

“Goodbye my loving screech owl spirit. We will never forget you.” – Mike H.

About Kotori

Kotori is probably the gentlest animal on the farm. Always sweet and loving and never problematic, Kotori is also one of the most vocal dogs with an amazing howl. In the language of the Hopi Tribe, Kotori translates to “Screech Owl Spirit” He has a silky smooth all white coat.

As a youngster, Kotori resided with police officers, but with such a gentle nature he was being bullied by their other dogs and for his quality of life, he was surrendered to live with us at Howling Woods. Kotori’s pen mates are Luna and Raven. He has two large secure one-acre enclosures with lots of room to run and things to play with. His diet consists mostly of raw foods, including poultry, venison, beef, pork, kibble and eggs. His gentle spirit makes Kotori the star of most of Howling Woods’ off-site presentations.