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Sasha is an outdoor dog, but could easily become an indoor dog and deserves it. Currently she is kept in a barn, indoors in a pen at night, where she will wait until she is taken out before going to the bathroom. We believe she would be easily house trained. In her short time indoors, she was passive and not destructive. At this time, she is taken to an outdoor pen in the morning, with her companion, until nightfall, and returned to the indoor pen at night. She is currently held in a 10 foot tall fenced in area with a lean in and a dig guard. We recommend the same for wherever she goes. She has tested “running the fence” in hopes of gaining enough momentum to climb over.

Sasha has a dominant personality, and would do well with a male dog, but would be aggressive toward females dogs.

Sasha has had little human interaction and craves attention. She does not like being alone, and requires canine or human companionship. She is extremely excited and grateful for any and all interactions with people she trusts. She is skittish around new people, but is quick to trust if time is taken with her. She is very smart, a quick learner, and eager to please (I can’t express these qualities enough of her). She has taken quickly to basic commands: sit, down, leave it, with me, etc. She does extremely well on a leash with a harness. Without a harness she pulls.

Sasha truly deserves a loving and caring home. She is a cuddle bug and has a very sweet, submissive disposition around us. She has a beautiful howl that she uses to call her companion when separated, or to tell us she is upset in some way. She loves to play and really enjoys the snow. She is submissive during play with her companion, however has no problem putting him in his place if need be.

Sasha is food aggressive and does not tolerate raw meat (it needs to be cooked or she vomits), and needs something other than dry kibble in her dish. We have been browning hamburger or boiling chicken breasts to add to her twice daily meals.

All in all, we believe the perfect placement for Sasha, other than being placed with her companion, would be to a home that can provide her constant attention that an indoor dog would receive. She sits longingly looking into the house when we are not present with her outside. If she is to be an outdoor dog, she would definitely need a companion.

Sasha has quickly become the “stand out” of all the animals at our farm, if that gives you any insight on her personality. We call her the “sweet one”.

Miscellaneous items of note: Sasha is up to date on her vaccinations. As of February 21, 2019, she is currently at the 60 day point of a 120 day treatment cycle for heart worm. If at 120 days she still tests positive, the treatments are redone. If she is negative, she will be spayed if she is not in heat at that time.

Sasha is up for adoption in the New England area

Adoption Requirements
    1. Completion of on-line Adoption application
    2. The presence of a canine who will be a companion with your adopted animal, and share his enclosure.
    3. Spacious, secure containment, minimum 6 feet high
    4. Phone number of veterinarian who cares for your current animals
    5. Home check to verify adequacy of containment
    6. Completion of adoption contract
    7. Adoption donation of $300.00

Do not inquire about or apply for Sasha if you live in any of the following States: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine.  Wolfdogs are illegal to possess in these States.

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