Howling Woods Farm

Virginia Pine


Pinus Virginiana

Pinus Virginiana, an evergreen conifer, is native to the Eastern United States on either side of the Appalachian Mountains. Pinus Virginiana has a variety of names that include Scrub Pine, its most common alternative name, Poverty Pine, because it can grow in terrains that most other plants cannot grow in, or Jersey Pine because its northern natural limit of growth is in both New Jersey and Southern New York. It can grow on inhospitable soil, such as soils with acidic or neutral pH levels. When in urban environments its growth is reduced, but if found out in nature it can grow to be 40 feet in height and 30 feet in width. It is a member of the pine family. When at a size that can be used, Pinus Virginiana can be used as firewood, lumber, or even Christmas trees. It is susceptible to diseases and pests that plague other pines.