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Kira is a beautiful 4 year old German Shepherd / Siberian Husky mix. She is a little shy around men in particular, but warms up very quickly to both men and women. Kira loves to play with other dogs and would need a companion her size, preferably male, that can withstand her version of play. Due to her high energy, she would do great with an active owner that enjoys jogging, hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities. Kira is currently learning how to walk on a leash without pulling. She has not had much training, but she is very intelligent and open to learning, she picks things up very quickly such as such as sit, paw, and give me your other paw.

Kira is an escape artist and will need a secure outdoor enclosure to safely contain her. She has not had much experience inside, so we are not sure how she would be as an indoor dog. Please no small pets or small dogs, Kira has a strong prey drive.

Adoption Requirements
    1. Completion of on-line Adoption application
    2. The presence of a canine who will be a companion with your adopted animal, and share his enclosure.
    3. Spacious, secure containment, minimum 6 feet high
    4. Phone number of veterinarian who cares for your current animals
    5. Home check to verify adequacy of containment
    6. Completion of adoption contract
    7. Adoption donation of $300.00

Do not inquire about, or apply for Kira, if you live in any of the following States: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine.  Wolfdogs are illegal to possess in these States.

Kira warming up to strangers
Kira Warming Up to a Stranger;

Photos of Kira