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Boris is primarily an outdoor dog with the potential to be an indoor dog. He is high maintenance both behaviorally and physically, but in relatively little time has come a very long way.

Boris is a bull. I do not personally walk him due to his strength. He is currently held in a 10 foot tall fenced in area with a lean in and a dig guard. We recommend the same for wherever he goes. We have nick named him Taz. He has absolutely tested “running the fence” in hopes of gaining enough momentum to climb over. He has eaten through the original fencing (14 gauge), so we have had to add additional cattle fencing on top of the original fencing to contain him.

Boris does not do well with other male dogs, and originally did not do well with our horse or mini-donkey. Boris is overall easily excitable/anxious around any other animal other than his companion or in new situations. He is extremely smart and could be trained to do just about anything in his constant efforts to please, be praised, and loved.

We believe he has had little human interaction prior to his placement. Due to this, he craves attention. He is extremely excited and grateful for any and all interactions with people he trusts. When he and his companion are separated for any length of time, they give multiple hugs and show sheer playful excitement upon being returned to each other. He is skittish around new people, and takes a bit more time to trust. He is extremely smart, a quick learner, and eager to please (I can’t express these qualities enough of him). He sincerely just wants to be loved and hugged all the time. He begs to not go in the outdoor pen in the morning, molding, laying on his back or jumping up to hug. He has clearly not received a lot of attention, and if the person that he bonds with is willing to spend a lot of time with him, I see him quickly settling down and being a simply stunning animal. Boris is anxious by nature and has bad puppy manners that we are working on. Nipping is his first defense when anxious and commands are ignored. Time needs to be taken to calm his fears before handling him if he is anxious. Once you are able to calm him and gain his attention, you don’t lose it. He has quickly learned sit, down, leave it, with me, no bite, easy, etc., and does extremely well on a leash with a harness. Without a harness he literally chokes himself.

Boris truly deserves a loving and caring home. He is a cuddle bug and is truly a very sweet boy. Boris is puppy like and playful. He runs laps, plays and enjoys the snow. He is a high energy dog that would do well with an active person. Boris is submissive to his mother’s jealousy when being paid attention to and backs off. He was for a time, jealous when the other animals (horse & mini-donkey) were being fed, however, if we spoke to him in a calming tone and acknowledge him, he quickly settled.

We have always fed Boris separately. Boris is also food aggressive, but can be fed and will eat just about anything. Boris does well with treats in his companion’s presence.

All in all, we believe the perfect placement for Boris, other than being placed with his companion, would be a single animal home with a ton of time, patience and love to give. We do see him as potentially being an indoor dog, if once again, he is bonded to someone that is willing to train him. The person or persons for his adoption do have some training ahead but we are confident that with the right placement that would happen very quickly. If he is to be an outdoor dog, he would need a companion animal.

Of note, we fear that Boris could quickly become misunderstood and therefore mishandled. Not that there isn’t extra care in all placements, but we feel there is an added level of care that will need to be taken in his placement to ensure his well-being.

Boris is up for adoption in the New England area

Adoption Requirements
    1. Completion of on-line Adoption application
    2. The presence of a canine who will be a companion with your adopted animal, and share his enclosure.
    3. Spacious, secure containment, minimum 6 feet high
    4. Phone number of veterinarian who cares for your current animals
    5. Home check to verify adequacy of containment
    6. Completion of adoption contract
    7. Adoption donation of $300.00

Do not inquire about or apply for Boris if you live in any of the following States: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine.  Wolfdogs are illegal to possess in these States.

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