Bandit’s breed content is 25% gray wolf, 50% Siberian husky, and the remainder German shepherd and Alaskan malamute. He is known as a wolf hybrid, or ‘wolfdog’ .


He came from Wisconsin where he was taken in as a stray by the local animal shelter. In Wisconsin you must have a permit to keep a wolfdog, so the shelter was unable to adopt him to the public. However, they were so fond of him that they did not want to see him euthanized, and several shelter volunteers actually drove him all the way from Wisconsin to New Jersey.


Bandit may very well be the most loving wolfdog we have ever taken in, being extremely fond of people. He will lick the skin off your face given the chance and falls down on his back if you scold him. He is very outgoing and will run up to enthusiastically meet all strangers. Bandit┬áhas appeared in the Disney movie “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” along with Samson, Takoda, and Sierra.


Bandit is approximately 11 years old and weighs about 105 lb.  His diet consists of 80% of raw deer or chicken, bones included. This is supplemented with vegetables, organ meats, marrow bones, eggs, and other foods.


He lives in a large spacious enclosure he shares with Samson & Kotori, and is the pack leader. He also enjoys coming in the house in the evening, especially in the summer time to take advantage of the air conditioning.