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   Sorcerer's Apprentice


Howling Woods Farm wolfdogs Sierra, Bandit, Takoda and Samson appear briefly in the Disney movie "Sorcerer's Apprentice", released in theaters July 2010 and now available on Blue-Ray and DVD. The film was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Jon Turteltaub and stars Nicholas Cage, Jay Baruchel and Alfred Molina. You can now see the full feature of the scene with the wolves in the film in this video developed by our volunteer Dan, and lots of trailers from the movie at the Disney movie site. Photos taken during production not available anywhere else can be seen by scrolling below.

The movie takes place in modern day Manhattan, where the master sorcerer Balthazar Blake (Cage) attempts to protect the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Molina), an evil wizard with nefarious plans. Horvath is determined to claim New York City for his own evil purposes, and enlists an illusionist (Tony Kebbell) to help him toward that end. Given the formidable forces allied him, Blake does not feel that he can accomplish this mission alone. To help in his venture, he seeks out a seemingly average guy, Dave Stutler (Baruchel), who is recruited to be Blake's apprentice. Stutler is initially skeptical and reluctant to get involved, but eventually is convinced to help in the cause. Blake gives Stutler a crash course in magic, and mishaps invariably ensue. There is also a love interest in peril angle to the storyline that provides additional motivation for Stutler. Together, Blake and Stutler take on Horvath in a classic good versus evil struggle.

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On Set at Marcy Station, Brooklyn, NY. A Wolf Runs Loose in Brooklyn

Takoda practices his jump scene

Here you see the head of the eagle, that swoops down upon the tracks in the movie trailer.

Floyd Bennet Field, Marcy Station set

The Evil Horvath Readies for Action Woofers Set to Pursue Jay Down the Platform
Paparazzi set photos of Nick Cage and Jay Sierra and Samson Practice their Jumps
The Pack Posing for Calendar Photo After it Rains, There's a Rainbow
Practice Jump Platforms at the Farm Steiner Studios, Brooklyn Navy Yard
Still Photography Record for Special Effects Howling Woods Volunteers Bring Woofers to Set
Woofers Pursue Jay Up these Subway Stairs Not A Special Effect....Real Clouds after Thunderstorm
Takoda on Camera for Behind the Scenes DVD Husky Pups pose with Horvath and Jay Doubles
Balthazar Blake Swoops Down Upon an Eagle in the Final Wolf Scene. While the head is real, the remainder is animated. See the trailer. Takoda and Sierra say Hello to Volunteer Jackie during Calendar Shot
Stairs and Walkways Built Over Existing Fountain at Bowling Green Park in Manhattan Takoda and Sierra Await Debut at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn. Note Rubber Band Lifting Takoda's Upper Lip
Bandit Gets a Hug from Volunteer Robyn Lighting Equipment at the Marcy Station Set
Howling Woods Volunteer Poses with the Evil Horvath Our TeleTubby Volunteer Sierra Lean, Mean and Ready to Eat Jay
Samson Manages to Avoid the Insulated Electrified Third Rail

Poor Takoda Does Not!... (just kidding, it's a movie set)

The Studio Choose this Photo for the Calendar Shot
Volunteer with Jay and Samson Samson Jumping for Joy....Well, Actually He's Jumping for Treats

Howling Woods Volunteer and Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

On the Road Again....for Home, after Filming all Night Long Sierra offers a 'Hello' while filming for the Calendar Shot Takoda & Bandit Await their Film Debut outside Steiner Studios
Sierra and Bandit Unload Wolf Kisses on Actor Jay Baruchel Sierra with Her 'Snarling Device" Takoda with His. Surprisingly, they tolerate them well.
Samson getting his 'dots' applied. The dots are used as control points for CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), and will.. ..allow the studio to change the facial expression of the woofers to accommodate the needs of the script. In the movie, the woofers are attacking Jay, and will have.... ...more sinister looks than those you see here. We tried to teach them to act mean, but they just didn't have it in them...lol

.....and they drool, too.

Takoda takes in Brooklyn as we pass under the Verrazanno Narrows Bridge

Sierra Practicing her Jumps at the Farm Woofers Ready to be Released Up the Elevated Subway Stairs
Brianna poses with Film Member Lighting Equipment for Fountain Shot Actress Monica Belluci during Fountain Shot

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* from movieweb.com "Sorcerer's Apprentice"

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