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Howling Woods Farm is open to visitors by appointment only. You may visit us by appointment on weekends, and weekday afternoons. Before contacting please check our upcoming events schedule to make sure we are open on the day you wish to visit.

For appointments, please call 732-534-5745 between the hours of 11am and 4pm Monday through Friday. We do not book appointments by email. For questions other than appointments you may email luv2howl@optonline.net.

Tours last one hour. Things to bring include a camera and appropriate clothing. Do not wear any real or imitation fur, down or 'puffy' jackets, leather, or any apparel that has dangling attachments. Open toed footwear and heels are not allowed inside the pens. If you come in the winter, dress warmly as it is often very windy here.

Our tours are conducted rain or shine, so if inclement weather is expected on the date of your appointment, please dress appropriately. No refunds are provided for cancellations due to weather.

On weekends children under ten (10) years of age may observe but will not be able to enter the canine enclosures. On weekdays only children 13 years and older may enter pens. Adults are responsible for the behavior of thier children and are expected to keep them close by at all times. No running and/or screaming/loud noises are allowed inside the pens. Adults entering the enclosure must sign a hold harmless release agreement. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign a release on their behalf.

Reservations for parties of 5 visitors or more require a 50% deposit. Deposits can be made through Paypal or by credit card. No refunds of deposits are provided for cancellations without 48 hours notice, including those due to weather. No exceptions.

Upon arrival, do not park in driveway. Instead, pull over to the left and drive to the grass lot to park.

While we do not charge a specific fee, we do request a minimum donation of $20 per adult and $10 per child under thirteen to help with our costs for feeding and maintaining our our animals & facility. We accept credit cards, cash or check. Howling Woods Farm is a non-profit public charity, and unlike most public charities our officers and directors receive no salary.

Facility Videos: Feb 2015 Naiche & Pack Greet Visitors; Jan 2015 Woofers Posing with Visitors; Dec 2014 Wolf Hug; Nov 2014 Howling Woods Farm Rescued Canines; Feb 2013 Samson Enjoying the Snow; Feb 2013 Getting Nosy; Jan 2013 Samson & Shania Reunion; Dec 2012 Takoda gets belly rub/Chante tastes camera; Sept 2012 Slide show; May 2012 Ahote Joins the Pack for Treats; Feb 2012 Sing-a-long; Feb 2012 Others Look on While Naiche Enjoys a Toy; Jan 2012 Ahote with Visitor; Jan 2012 Ahote & Mary; Dec 2011 Bandit & Fritz; Dec 2011 Alec & Nicole's Visit to Howling Woods Farm; Dec 2011 Woofers & Shelby; Nov 2011 Woofers; Nov 2011 Tour at the Farm; Oct 2011 Werewolf Attack on the Farm; Oct 2011 Pack Reunion and Producing New Film; Oct 2011 Woofers Negotiate Who Eats First; June 2011 Cool June Evening at Howling Woods Farm; June 2011 Kotori Bobs for Hot Dogs; May 2011 Takoda in Blue Hawaii Music Video; May 2011 Kymberli Interacts with the Woofers; April 2011 Woofer Photo Shoot; Woofers Give a Howl May 2011; April 2011 Slide Show by JayFoxFire; April 2011 Visit at the Farm; April 2011 Video by JayFoxFire; BCIT Students Visit the Wolves March 2011; Variety Praise TV Shoot Jan 2011;Woofers Get Treats From Visitor Jan 2011; Woofers in the Snow Dec 2010; Wolf-dog hybrids get a second chance at Jackson farm; The Wolfman Jan 2010; Bandit Tells Kotori Who's Boss April 2010; Clean-up Day at Howling Woods April 2010; Bandit Loves Rubs April 2010; Local Cub Scouts Visit the Farm Jan 2010; Kotori Gets a Lift Jan 2010; My Second Time at Howling Woods Farm Sept 2009; Koda and Jackie Dec 2010; Bandit Enjoys Attention From Freehold Girl Scouts Dec 2010; Koda and Kotori Fool Around Dec 2010; Bandit, Sierra & Kotori Say Hello Dec 2010; Sierra and Kotori Say Hello to Visitors Dec 2010; Makita, Koda & Kotori Play at the Farm Dec 2010










Classic Farm Videos

You May Be Asked to Pose for Photos
You May Be Given Attention
You May Be Excessively Licked
You May Be Ambushed
Ahote May Give You A Head Rub
You May Be Overwhelmed
You May Be Asked to Dance
You May Be Relied Upon to Provide Treats
Your Attention May be Required for a Very Long Time
Kotori May Give You a Head Rub
You May Need to Endure the Cold
You May Be Required to Serve Lunch
Your Field Equipment May be in Danger
You May Be Required to Eat a Peppermint and Watch Takoda Turn into a Beautiful Girl
Someone May Interrupt Your Presentation
If Ahote Likes You, You Can Give Him a Hip Scratch
Very Loud Howling
You May Be Entertained
You May Need to Endure the Cold Again
Our Animals May Get Nosy
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